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Maya Hot Chocolate in Tin (No Sugar Added)


MarieBelle New York's acclaimed Hot chocolate brings you the authentic true flavor of this “Gift of the Gods” that the ancient Aztec believed bridged heaven and earth. Maya Hot Chocolate contains absolutely no sugar added (as nature intended!), yet is unexpectedly pure and delicious. True to Mayan tradition, MarieBelle New York's Mayan hot chocolate is made using whole, single origin cacao beans and prepared from of pure chocolate instead of cocoa powder. Includes 16 ounces of powdered hot chocolate. 


Add our signature hot chocolate with milk and/or water (suggested proportion below), heat up the mixture and keep stirring until the hot chocolates are perfectly melted for the best hot chocolate experience! Serve hot! 

1. American Style - 1/2 cup milk : 1/3 cup chocolate
2. European Style - 1/3 cup water : 1/3 part chocolate
3. Mochaccino - 1/2 cup milk : 1/3 cup chocolate : 1 espresso shot
*For reference only, you may twist a bit to cater your own preference! 


Please refer to the product packaging. 

Please refer to the product packaging.