MarieBelle Gelato Set - MarieBelle HK

MarieBelle Gelato Set

This MarieBelle Gelato Set comes with 8 cups of 100ml handmade gelato and a complimentary cooler bag: 

80% Dark Chocolate x 2 cups 
Made with MarieBelle's 80% dark chocolate, this creamy goodness topped with 65% Aztec dark chocolate shavings, creating layered texture and intensifying the richness of dark chocolate! 

Premium Earl Grey x 2 cups
Made with MarieBelle's much-loved Premium Earl Grey tea, it is rich in black tea aroma with hints of bergamot. 

Guava Sorbet x 2 cups
Pastel pink in colour, this sorbet is made with pink guava with its refreshingly unique fruity flavor - perfect for summer! 

Strawberry Yogurt x 2 cups
Bringing strawberries and yogurt together in a cup of gelato, this creamy mix simply can't go wrong!

*Store in -18°C freezer upon receipt of products
*Thaw for 5-10 minutes in room temperatures for best creamy gelato experience
*Flavors are pre-assorted and cannot be changed